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Title Important update for MSc Students17-03-2020 17:50
Dear Students,

After our first communication some new measures have been taken and we would like to share some updates with you.

On-campus/face-to-face educational activities have been suspended until at least 6 April in an effort to slow down the spreading of the coronavirus. Nobody is sure what the situation will be after April 6. Therefore, MSc Programme Management, in close cooperation with the Dean of Education and the Executive Board, has been working on the following mode of operation in the MSc courses:
  1. Block 4 classes will start in week 14, i.e. from 30 March onwards.
  2. Blocks 4 and 5 will both be compressed by one week, such that each block should be taught in five weeks instead of six. As previously communicated, instructors can already make use of the Canvas pages to share with you materials with which to start working before that date, so keep an eye out for updates. An adjusted version of the academic calendar is currently available here.
  3. Further, instructors are currently busy preparing the courses to be taught 100% online in both Block 4 and Block 5 courses.
  4. Currently the old schedules for Block 4 and 5 are still visible on We will remove these classes but, due to limited scheduler capacity, we won't be able to publish new schedules for all online classes in Block 4 or Block 5 via the scheduling system. Instructors will publish all online meeting dates and times of their courses directly on Canvas.
  5. EUR is currently working on a solution for exams and resits. We will communicate those solutions in due time. For the coming Blocks 4 and 5, instructors may adjust the assessment methods and offer alternative evaluation options to the written exams, such as oral exams or final written assignments.
  6. Thesis deadlines (proposal and thesis) in principle remain the same, however they may be handled differently by each master programme. Please contact your thesis coordinator. We strongly recommend you use this week and next to focus on your thesis work as you may need to invest more time on your elective once the classes resume. Thesis meetings with coaches and/or co-readers can still take place via online platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc).

In case you need information for your thesis from databases accessible only in the Polak building (Eikon, Datastream, Bloomberg) you can get your data by sending a request to the EDSC (

Make sure your data requests are as specific as possible, so do not write: "I would like to have M&A data from the UK" but instead write "I would like to have M&A data from the Thomson One Database. The deals need to from a UK acquirer and a target from anywhere in Europe. The deal should have taken place between 2010 and 2019 and the acquirer should own at least 50% + 1 share after the acquisition. Only include deals with a minimum deal value of 500 million euros. The variables I would like to have are as following; Total Assets before the deal of the acquired, Total Assets before the deal of the target, the industry codes for both acquirer and target, the deal value ..... etc "

Take into account that more students will be making these requests, so it may take a while before you receive a reply.
We will keep you updated as new information emerges. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And please stay safe.

Kind regards on behalf of MSc Programme Management,
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